7 Takeaways from Internet of Things World 2019 | ChannelFutures

…For all the many advances in IoT technology, security remains a thorny stumbling block.

“With IoT, companies face a monumental challenge: applying digital security to processes that have never before been digitized,” sums CompTIA’s Robinson in his “2019 Trends In Internet Of Things” study published in February of this year.

The problem is especially acute among small business that heretofore never thought their systems would fall prey to cybersecurity attacks.

“Small businesses are the least prepared for the security demands of IoT,” Robinson notes. “For many years, small businesses operated under the assumption that their digital assets were not at risk from cyberattacks. To some extent, this may have been true, but the situation has changed; all data has value, and breaches can cause more disruption than ever. The risk is magnified when physical assets and processes can be hacked.”

Source: 7 Takeaways from Internet of Things World 2019 | ChannelFutures


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