IoT Security: A Government Perspective | Security Intelligence

“Security must be designed from the start — before driverless vehicles are on the road, before smart meters are installed in buildings and before a patient is given a wearable device for health monitoring purposes. These are just a few innovations that bring huge benefits, but there are no benefits without risk.

The government has a responsibility to support departments, private sector businesses and citizens as they implement and use IoT devices securely. It also plays a critical role in defending the volume of personal data its systems will hold as a result of the implementation of IoT innovations.

Security incidents are not questions of if, but when. In the unfortunate case of a compromise or breach, there needs to be an adequate response process. A proactive, comprehensive approach is required for any incident response platform, and organizations should consult the staff responsible to respond from both the technical and board levels. With next-generation intelligent and integrated threat protection solutions, governments will be able to better defend themselves against sophisticated attacks.”

Source: IoT Security: A Government Perspective


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