Let’s get serious about IoT security | Computerworld

No one doubts anymore that internet of things (IoT) devices pose a huge security threat, as a recent massive IoT-fueled DDoS attack made clear. But what many enterprises have yet to wake up to is that major structural changes are needed, involving IT and C-level executives above IT. IoT is a new and different kind of threat that can’t be effectively battled in an old-fashioned way.From an enterprise’s perspective, there are three sides to the IoT threat: 1) being attacked by an IoT army from around the world; 2) allowing enterprise-owned IoT devices to participate in such an attack against others; and 3) allowing your IoT devices to attack your own company. Making structural changes to your business will do nothing to help you defend against the first scenario, but it could make a profound difference in blocking attack scenarios two and three.

Source: Let’s get serious about IoT security | Computer World


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