The dark side of the Internet of Things | Livemint

The business of IoT, which included the total spending on endpoints and services, is already about a $2 trillion market in 2017, said Gartner. Photo: iStockphoto

Today, each one of us is knowingly or unknowingly a protagonist in a digitally connected world. Our every move is recorded. However, instead of beaming these mundane details out to the world, our information is being used by marketers and organizations who analyse and dissect it to tailor-make their goods and services for us.

Some of this is happening with our consent.

For instance, at any given time, we have Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa with Echo or Google’s virtual assistant listening in to our conversations to do our bidding at our call.

Source: The dark side of the Internet of Things | Livemint


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