The Internet of Things: Optimizing Manufacturing Exponentially |

Discussion around digitalization of manufacturing evokes a variety of opinions, ranging from optimistic to not-so-optimistic. These conversations exist because digitalization cannot be overlooked or ignored. The evolution of manufacturing demonstrates growth. As per BLS data, there has been an adjusted growth of almost 80 percent in manufacturing output from 1987 to Q1 of 2017 in the US. Pew Research also reveals a remarkable growth of 166 percent in manufacturing output of durable goods in about the same period, with output growth of nondurable goods at 17 percent. While the data clearly indicates that manufacturing does not require a spark of resurgence, there are still challenges. Operational efficiencies struggle to keep up with growth. Costs are mounting. There’s unplanned downtime, and the pressure of customized output. The way to remain competitive is through a commitment to digital transformation. A half-hearted approach will not yield the right results.

Source: The Internet of Things: Optimizing Manufacturing Exponentially |


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