The Abyss That Is Internet of Things | BW Disrupt

“By amalgamating both the digital and the physical realms within the technological ecosystem, we’re now standing at the cusp of expanding the dimensions and possibilities of the Internet of Things within the information technology space. As a nation we are swiftly moving towards a future which will work on the fundamental communication of convergence, the ability to correspond with different personnels via a single connected device. Due to its complicated demography and size of the population, the concept of IoT and its merger with the governments ‘Digital India’ campaign makes it an extremely attractive proposition which has the ability to solve the nations dependence on multiple devices. “

Source: The Abyss That Is Internet of Things -Manish Sharma | BW Disrupt


Internet of Things Security – are you failing to prepare? | Real Wire

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“For several years, the IT industry has enthusiastically extolled the virtues of the Internet of Things (IoT), eager to enlighten us to the difference that living in a connected world will make to all our lives.

Now the IoT is here – in our homes and in the workplace. Its uses range widely, from domestic time-savers like switching on the heating, to surveillance systems, to “intelligent” light bulbs, to the smart office dream.

This proliferation of devices and objects collect and share huge amounts of data. However proliferation also has the potential to create greater opportunities for vulnerabilities. Moreover, because these devices are connected to one another, if one device is compromised, a hacker has the potential opportunity to connect to multiple other devices on the network.”

Source: Internet of Things Security – are you failing to prepare? | Real Wire